Stamped and Stained DIY Wooden Trinket Box #DecoArt #Stampendous

Did you know how easy it is to create stamped images with paint? Yes...paint! By using stamps and different shades of acrylic paint {including metallic paint} you can create an easy DIY wooden trinket box in just a few minutes!

This DIY wooden trinket box makes a great addition to a personalized gift, which is perfect with wedding season coming up. The gel wood stain gives it a masculine look, while the metallic and acrylic stamped image softens the overall project.


Wooden trinket box
Gel Wood Stain in Maple
Americana acrylic paint in Grey Sky
Dazzling Metallics in Renaissance Brown
Lovely Garden Stamps
Jumbo Acrylic Handle

Step 1: Apply Gel Wood Stain to your wooden trinket box with a paint brush. Wipe the excess stain away and buff with a paper towel or small cloth. Allow to dry completely.

Step 2: Pour a small amount of your Americana Acrylic Paint and Dazzling Metallics onto a piece of wax paper, and smooth out to a thin layer.

Step 3: Apply your chosen stamp to the Jumbo Acrylic Handle. Press firmly.

Step 4: Dip your stamp lightly into the paint, then apply to the wooden box using firm even pressure.

Tip: there's no need to rock the stamp back and forth, and doing this will actually distort your stamped image. Once you have chosen the location for your stamp, simply press it down in one motion. I like to leave mine for a few seconds, then pull it off my surface vertically so as to not smudge the image.

Step 5: Repeat twice more, overlapping your images and using both colors of paint.

Step 6: Allow to dry completely, then fill with trinkets!

Disclaimer: I was provided the Lovely Garden Stamps and acrylic handle by Stampendous for the purposes of this campaign. I received the Gel Wood Stain and Americana paints from DecoArt for the purposes of this campaign, as well. All thoughts, opinions and projects are my own.