Push Presents for Him #newdad #dad #giftforhim

So I mentioned at the beginning of the month that I am down with push presents when there's a new baby being born, and not just for mom.

When I was pregnant with my son, I wanted to do something to really celebrate my husband becoming a new dad and how our world had just changed in a 13-hour blink of an eye. I got him a really nice bottle of Port, put it in a canister and made sure it was in my hospital bag.

This time is no different, and I have some ideas and I'm pretty sure he knows that there's a nice bottle of scotch with his name on it for when our little love arrives.

Clockwise from top right...

While these gold rimmed cufflinks are a splurge, they are also really beautiful and perfect if your husband works in an office or bank and wears alot of french cuffs.

If you have more than one child, you might want to consider celebrating how your family has grown and include them in Dad's push present. This stacked hand stamped keychain is a great way to incorporate all of your children's names and birthdates into Dad's gift.

If the new Dad on your list is a bit of a geek, this scrabble tile magnet set is perfect.

And finally, if you just had (or know that you're having) a little girl, I love the idea of giving Dad a gift where baby girl can keep part of it as a keepsake. This necklace and stamped keychain combo is so very sweet!

Since our son was due right around Father's Day, I also had preselected my husband's first Father's Day gift. A pair of engraved cufflinks, and one of them has our sons initials on it. The other...it's blank...but not for long! Only 10 days until the due date!!