Painting With Comfort: Harris Brushes, available at #TheHomeDepot #homedecor #DIY

You have a wall to paint at home, edging to do.


You have a home decor project that requires lots of painting.

What do you do? You head to the The Home Depot for supplies, including paint brushes. If you're anything like me, you actually dread using large commercial style paint brushes. They're clunky, don't fit well in small hands and lead to dropped brushes, messy projects and loads of frustration.

Enter Harris Brushes with comfort gel pads. These brushes are absolutely amazing, and have superior handling and control, are comfortable to hold (even by my little hands!) and make projects a breeze.

How do these paint brushes differ from others on the market? They are ergonomically designed, ensuring a comfortable fit every time. They are made of advanced synthetic filaments, which means that you don't have to worry about little paint brush hairs getting stuck in your projects. They offer superior control and contour to your projects.

I wanted to test these brushes out in a home decor project, and have had a small chest of drawers for some time that I've wanted to give a face lift to. With all of the edges and intricate detailing, I knew that it would be the perfect surface to test these brushes out on. I grabbed my Americana Home Chalky Finish Paint, the gel brushes and set off to experiment.

I was very pleasantly surprised at the detail, coverage and comfort that the gel brushes provided. I generally find with larger paint brushes that I can't get into all of the nooks and crannies of detailed pieces, but with the superior control of the Harris Brushes, it wasn't a problem at all.

The next time you are faced with a home decor or home painting project, grab a pack of Harris Brushes with comfort gel pads (available at The Home Depot). You won't be disappointed, and your hands will thank you!

Disclaimer: I received a package of Harris Brushes - Gel Oval 3 Brush Pack, from Harris Brushes for the purposes of this review, and project. All opinions expressed are my own.