Juicing during #Pregnancy Volume 3 #juice #recipe #juicing

Holy moly! I've learned so much through this whole juicing journey, and have now been adding a daily, nutrient rich juice every morning for 4 and a half months!

So, what are the new things that I've learned?

I really love kale! It has such a smooth and mellow flavor, and I love how nutrient rich it is. I try to get at least two kale juices in every week to ensure I'm getting all of that goodness!

Melons are fantastic when juiced! I was hesitant to try them, but then whipped up the recipe below and was in love.

Sometimes it's best to keep it simple. Apples + strawberries, Apples + pears...keeping it to two ingredients when you're super tired and nearing the end of your pregnancy still gives you lots of good stuff from your produce, but takes the thinking out of the process.

I never in a million years thought that I would go through a 3lb bag of apples every single week. I like juicing with Empire apples the best, but am excited to try other varieties over the summer, and buy them locally at the apple farm down the road!

Now...that recipe!

3 apples
1 handful kale (approx 3-4 leaves)
2 handfuls chopped honeydew (rind removed)

Start with your kale, followed by a few pieces of apple. Then, all of your melon and follow with the rest of your apple.

This juice will come out nice and smooth, and a bright lime green color, but it is sweet and tasty! Low in calories (only about 250cal for a 12oz serving), this juice is high in copper, vitamin K, vitamin B6, vitamin A, and iron! It also has 174% of your daily serving of vitamin C and a good amount of water and fiber to aid in digestion.

Juicing during pregnancy has allowed me to have a healthy and steady weight gain. I know that all of the weight that I have gained is this Little Guy that we get to meet {very!} soon, and I also know that I've given him the most nutritious start to life that I can.

Have a healthy, happy pregnancy and enjoy your juice!