How To Keep Running During #Pregnancy #fitmama #healthypregnancy #running

I can now officially say that I've run at every phase of my pregnancy, something I never in a million years thought that I would utter, let alone aspire to do.

That's right! I've run it the cold, the rain, the blistering hot Florida sun. With taped knees, a wrapped foot, a supported belly.

In first trimester (top middle), I ran the London Lady's Half Marathon 5km with my friend Rebecca. We had found out that I was expecting about four days or so before the event, so it was definitely emotional, but was just like any other previous race.

Second trimester (bottom left and right) brought alot of running Florida running since we were on vacation, including a run on a cruise ship, a run in the pouring rain and my last run in my Nikes. It also brought two beautiful LOST running series medals with it, which was fun to add to my collection.

Third trimester (top left and right, middle row, bottom middle) brought a sense of accomplishment and pride. I ran my final race (top left and middle row) at 8 months pregnant, got three new medals for my wall and my most favorite race experience at the Le Chocolat Mother's Day Primer.

I've run with friends, I've run solo.

I've run on roads, sidewalks, park paths and trails.

I clocked over 81kms running.

How did I run through my pregnancy? foot in front of the other. I ran on days that I felt great, learned not to push myself too hard, taped when I needed to and used a belly support band in months 7 and 8.

If you ran consistently prior to your pregnancy, you absolutely can run throughout. It's definitely not something to pick up during pregnancy if you haven't done it before, and as with any physical activity in pregnancy...get your doctor on board. Thankfully, both my residents, OB and doula have been incredibly supportive of my running, and that has made the experience all the more amazing.

Keep in mind that as your belly grows, your centre of gravity changes and can lead to stumbles. Take it easy. Get a great pair of supportive shoes. Tape if you have any concerns with knees, shins or ankles. Take your phone with you and tell someone when you are going out so they know to be mindful that you are out running on your own. Check in with that person if you're doing a walk/run split to let them know you're ok {my husband really appreciated that!}.

Drink water before, during (if there are bathrooms on your route!) and after.

Have a snack of something sugary before and after to make sure your blood sugar doesn't plummet while you're out.

Be safe and be healthy. You're running for more than just you, and that's pretty awesome!