Baby K'Tan: Beautiful Babywearing Wraps #giveaway #sponsor

With baby #2 quickly approaching, I made one decision early on: this little guy is going to have to go with the flow, that we will do whatever works for us in the moment, and that there would be lots of babywearing going on. When I first met the lovely ladies of Baby K'Tan at the Mom Select Swag Suite in Chicago last summer, I was fascinated over their gorgeous wraps and sling options for parents with newborns.

For those of you who haven't seen the Baby K'Tan in action, it is the most foolproof baby wrap on the market (in my opinion). Two loops and a sash...that's it! And five different carry positions to suit whatever your need is in that moment.

I didn't babywear as much as I would have liked with my first. We had two carriers, the traditional I'm-going-mountain-climbing carrier with all of the straps and buckles, and the sling style. The first I used twice and it was just too difficult to get a baby in and out, situated and comfortable. The second was actually way too big for my petite frame. I really didn't like either, so I am very excited to try out the Baby K'Tan when this little guy makes his arrival.

Baby K'Tan has generously provided two wraps to me; one to keep and one to include in the Mom & Baby Giveaway! I chose the eggplant color, which one will you choose??

If you're considering babywearring, Baby K'Tan has a great list of benefits on their website!

Disclaimer: A huge thank you to Baby K'Tan for being one of the Mom and Baby Giveaway sponsors. I received a Baby K'Tan baby wrap as compensation for this post (and an upcoming review once baby is here!), and all opinions expressed are my own.