36week #pregnancy update!

So the past couple of weeks have been interesting to say the least. Lots of irregular contractions, that have gotten timeable to 13-20mins on most days (for a few hours, then they stop..hmm seems like this happened last time too!), and holy mama jamma has my belly stretched!

The run down from today's appointment is rather short and sweet.

Weight: +8oz from 34weeks, making a total weight gain of still 16lbs.

Blood Pressure: 95/62 (typically is low, so this wasn't surprising...for me. It was a little surprising for my new resident!)

Babe's heart rate: 130bpm

Belly Measurment: 38wks...uhm thats 2weeks ahead, and that's the second time this Little Guy has measured ahead!

Standard tests today, GBS swab and then my first internal exam. I knew that things had started, but I needed the confirmation.

Progress confirmed! 1-2cm dilated, fully soft, but baby's head isn't engaged just yet. Our doctor is expecting that his head will be fully engaged by 38weeks, which is only another week and a half away! Ack!

Next week it's off to the Naturopath on Wednesday, then another doctor's appointment on Thursday!

It's almost time to bring on baby! Have a guess as to his name, or how big he will be? Enter our baby pool!