On the Grayscale #art #homedecor

There is something to be said for both the simplicity and boldness of a monochromatic piece of home decor.

When you aren't certain what mood you want to create for a room, but you want to add some art, look for monochromatic gray scale pieces. While they may be subdued in color {or there lack thereof}, they can still pack a nice punch depending on the pieces that you select.

For small rooms, choose things like the sculpted piece above or small paintings.

For large rooms, go big or go home! Get a BIG canvas and have fun with black and gray paint.

Gray scale pieces are also a great option for transitional homes where you can't really paint the walls too easily. They bring a neutral feeling into the room, and allow for color to be added by way of textiles {think throw blankets, pillows, curtains}.