New Textiles for the Master Bedroom #homedecor

When I set out planning out master bedroom makeover at the beginning of the year, I knew that I wanted the linens and textiles to have dimension, depth and movement, but be on the lighter side of pale.

Master Bedroom

White and gray...pretty bland for alot of people, but when you're dealing with dark hardwood floors, a dark hardwood bed, cedar chest and side tables...sometimes that is exactly what you need to make the space feel warm and cozy.

I chose this duvet for the texture. Isn't it amazing? We currently have a big heavy chocolate brown microfibre duvet, which is lovely and warm, but it is dark and makes the room seem heavy. A duvet cover like this with the texture and visual interest would be such an easy switch.

Our bed linens right now are pretty basic, light blue and cream, so I don't feel the need to swap those out just yet. I do, however, want to get some new throw pillows in whites and grays, and add in a new blanket.

Next on my list is a floor covering. I would so absolutely love a large sheepskin rug, something warm to put your feet on in the dead of winter, but since those are insanely expensive, I think we will settle for two smaller "his and hers" rugs on either side of the bed. Maybe an extra one at the end for a future ottoman.

Are your bed linen and textiles looking a little dated? Need an update? Look at basic pieces, and update what you already have. Duvet covers and throw pillow covers are an inexpensive way of updating a whole room on a budget!