Master Bedroom Finds on Pinterest #homedecor #DIY

When looking at ways to spruce up our master bedroom, I obviously go to Pinterest. I have a whole board dedicated to our bedroom, but I wanted to find some quick DIY projects that would be easy for me to accomplish.

There are a few reasons why I chose these projects specifically.

First, we actually do not have a single full length mirror in our home. I'm not kidding, and wish I was. I've sure you've seen pictures of me standing on a toilet on Instagram to get a full length body shot for A full length mirror project like this herringbone mirror is on my to-do list. (found at Knock Off Decor)

Our side table lamps are the same Ikea lamps that we've had for years. You know, the cheap rectangular ones. Pretty boring. I would LOVE to do something like these DIY Bottle Lamps from The Inspired Room. They're light and airy, but grown up and beautiful.

At the end of our bed right now, we have the cedar chest that my grandmother gave me. Eventually I'll empty it out, and pass it onto Owen for the end of his bed, changing out the hardware and updating it a little. I love the idea of having a nice plush ottoman at the end of the bed, with a basket of blankets. This easy upholsterd ottoman is from Teal and Lime.

If you're in need of new art for your bedroom, check out this post from Blue Hour DIY. I love all of the pieces, but the one that struck me the most was this graphic piece on an over sized canvas. It's just so different than anything that I have seen, and carries a really beautiful message.

Have you completed a DIY project for your master bedroom recently? Leave me a link so I can check it out!