Don't Be So Hard On Yourself #coaching

This month in my coaching segment, I wanted to bring it back to your core and remind you of something.

There will always be critics out there doing the job for you, so why be so hard on yourself?

Stop with the I can'ts, What If's, I should have's and GO DO. If it fails, big whoop.
Try something else.

The point is you not beat yourself up about it. There will be times of failure. Times of loss. Times where you want to absolutely throw in the towel.

But why?

Why give up on a dream, on something that you started for a reason? Just because you failed the first time?

If I had given up on being an artist when I was told that I needed reference for every single tree/flower/animal/etc. that I drew, I wouldn't have graduated with a Fine Arts degree. I would probably have gone to teachers college like the original plan was, and been teaching {or trying to get a job teaching} history to high school students.

If I had given up when I was told that my work was reminiscent of a child's finger paintings, I wouldn't have gone on to complete a body of work worthy of being shown in a gallery in Toronto. I would probably still be looking for that teaching job!

So if you's fine. Water under the bridge. Don't worry so much about it.

Take a deep breath.
Try another way. Because, really, there always is another way.