Dinosaur Kale #Juice #Recipe for #pickyeaters

This morning, I woke up with a sore belly and knew that there was one fix: juice.

I set off to make something a little different today. I haven't been eating alot of meat lately, then had some steak last night. BIG MISTAKE. Holy moly was my belly sore all night, and when you have a honeydew sized baby already pressing on your digestive system...yikes! It made for a very uncomfortable night.

I wanted something with protein, but also something that would calm my belly. Kale and apples would be in it...but what else?

First, let me explain the name. This is my Dinosaur Juice recipe, which my (almost) 4 year old named because it started out green then turned purple, apparently like a dinosaur. I knew it would be tasty, but definitely wasn't expecting him to want to try it.

3 large kale leaves
3 apples
1 pear
1/2 cup blackberries

Start by juicing one leaf of kale, followed by a wedge of apple or pear. Repeat until you've juiced all of your kale, then push your blackberries through, followed by the rest of your apples and pears.

Like I said, it will start off brilliantly green, then end a beautiful dark purple color.

And in terms of nutrition, you're getting loads of Copper, Vitamin K, Vitamin C, and 5.14g of Protein. (along with other good things listed above!)

What I wasn't expecting was for my little dude to want a glass. I poured him about 3oz (this recipe makes about 14oz), which he promptly guzzled and then asked for more. He probably had about 6 oz. and I got the rest.

So awesome, and what a great start to his day!

Happy Juicing!