Strawberry Almong Baked Brie #appetizer #recipe

One of the dishes that I typically make when we are having family over for a holiday meal is a baked brie. I've done them in the past with nuts and brown sugar, apples and maple syrup, and apricot jelly and jalapenos, but this time I wanted to try a recipe that would be more of a dessert baked brie.


Large brie wheel
sliced almonds

Chop your strawberries into small pieces and mix with a tablespoon of sugar. Pop this in the fridge, covered, for about an hour so that the strawberries create a syrup.

Once the hour is up, slice your brie to create two wheels. Place one wheel in your brie baker with the rind down, then fill with your strawberry mixture. Top with sliced almonds.

Next, place your second brie wheel, rind down, on top of your first. Top with the rest of your strawberries and more almonds.

Bake at 300F for about 15minutes, or until mice and melty.

Since this is a sweeter baked brie, we served it with sodium reduced Triscuit crackers and traditional Ritz crackers.