Small Paintings can Pack a Punch #art #homedecor

Small paintings; have you ever considered them when you're planning out your home decor and accents? Probably not...they're small, usually forgotten, but if they feature enough interest, they can pack a visual punch for small rooms like powder rooms, nooks, bathrooms, and baby nurseries.

Would you believe that this painting is only 5"x7"? There is just so much going on in it.

The layers of paint create texture and dimension. I love painting with acrylics because when you mix the colors together, they blend to make new colors, but at the same time tend to resist one another which creates cracks in the paint. I apply mine in think fluid drips, then dry brush so they are true tones rather than watered down.

The marbled effect, along with the cracks, creates movement and allows your eye to flow freely throughout the painting.'s only 5"x7"!

Where would you put a painting of this size?