Kettlebell Goblet Squats #fitness #pregnancy

I have really enjoyed working with kettlebells so far - they make me feel strong, and the casual circuit on the Kettlebell 360 app is 10mins30sec, easy peasy to fit into my day.

Admittedly, when I had worked with a kettlebell at the gym after my first pregnancy, I had only used them for upper body exercises.

While not the most graceful move {see that 5month belly hanging down there?!} Kettlebell Goblet Squats certainly are effective, and are a move that you will feel for a few days. I only use a 10lb kettlebell, but holy moly...I was waddling for a couple of days afterward for sure!

You can do a goblet squat with a kettlebell like I did, or with a dumbbell like in the tutorial above. It engages your entire core, and your legs, which is great when you are preparing for child birth!