Juicing and Pregnancy Vol. 2 #pregnancy #juicing

Each day that I prep my ingredients and push them through my juicer, I learn something new. It's a brand new adventure with every juice I create, and I definitely have some tips and pointers to share now that I've been juicing for 2 and a half months of my pregnancy.

Juice all the greens. I was only juicing baby spinach for the longest time, but when we only had a sweet baby green mix in the fridge...I threw caution to the wind. It was much more of a mellow taste than the baby spinach, and greens are great for alkalizing your juices, making for a more well rounded and nutrient rich juice.

Stone fruits are where it's at. If I'm having digestive issues, I throw in a peach or nectarine with an extra apple and feel so much better afterward.

Fiber supplements are your friend, especially if you are juicing alot of spinach to replace your iron stores after 20 weeks.

I found out from my Doula at around 25weeks that it's important to space out your juice and your food to avoid indigestion. This is something I was completely unaware of, and as I said...I'm always learning. She recommended if you have your juice first, wait 20minutes for food. If you have your food first, wait 2 hours for your juice. I've tried it, and it definitely helps with indigestion, which in turn helps with my lack of appetite sometimes!

Now for a recipe that I hope you will enjoy! It's one of my favorites so far, and it is definitely baby bump and baby approved!

2 apples
1 tangelo
1 nectarine
1 pear

This is one of those throw it all in the juicer type recipes. To prep, core your apples and pears, pit your nectarine (or peach if you prefer) and peel your tangelo.

Warning: This recipe makes alot of juice. I'm talking about 17oz. When my collection jug ran over 16oz and the stream was still coming fast and furious, I had to close the spout. There was still about an ounce of juice left in the collection area!

This juice is yummy...I mean super yummy. It's mellow, not overly tart, and is loaded with vitamin C - hence the name!

Cheers to another month of juicing! I have found that I actually prefer to have fruits and vegetables. Don't get me wrong...there are still crazy cravings for random things like rootbeer floats and milkshakes, but once they are filled, they go away. The craving for strawberries is pretty much always there!