Get. In. My. Belly #pregnancy cravings revealed!

I know that I have mentioned my cravings a few times, here and there, but when I got thinking about it...they're a wee bit manic.

There are times where I just freshly baked pretzels, and will make them on a whim. There are other times, or stretches of weeks, where I want nothing by hard boiled eggs.

Then there are the weird ones, like the salami and swiss cheese craving that I had a few weeks ago. And the constant ones of fresh strawberries sprinkled with a little bit of sugar.

They are certainly all over the place, and a trip to the grocery store can sometimes look like this...

Kind of random, right? But what baby wants, baby wants! And usually, as soon as I satisfy a craving, it goes away. Every now and then when we are out grocery shopping, I will see something and just HAVE TO HAVE it, and I definitely have been known to text my husband while he is grocery shopping with super random requests for rootbeer floats, Cadbury creme eggs, pickles and MM's.

More often than not, I crave healthy things, primarily fruit like strawberries or peaches, and definitely my juice in the morning. 

Alot of the time, I feel like I am not myself. Pop (or soda...) is not something that I would typically have, but the amount of Dr. Pepper, rootbeer and cream soda consumed during this pregnancy has been super strange to me.The fresh juices are helping to curb that sweet craving, and water definitely helps as well.

Trying to stay healthy while having pregnancy cravings can be challenging. Again, the juices help, but so do things like cheese and eggs. Protein, especially in the latter part of second trimester and into third trimester, is super important for baby's development, so this is a craving that I happily indulge in!

First trimester was all about carbs, so to keep it healthy I opted for whole wheat english muffins with peanut butter or sugar free jam and that seemed to satisfy.

What did you crave while you were pregnant? Anything that made you think why in the heck do I want to eat that?!