Easter Egg Craft Roundup

Easter Eggs, an iconic symbol. Did you dip dye them as a child? I remember so looking forward to dying our eggs every year; mixing and matching the colors, putting on stickers afreward.

Easter egg crafts have really come a long way over the past few years, and I wanted to share my top 4 picks, found on Pinterest.

I've tried my hand, unsuccessfully, at balloon eggs. I learned my lesson and am ready to try again! These yarn balloon eggs are filled with a special treat, which takes them up to a whole new level of awesome. Magic Balloon Treats

Ombre easter eggs are a new take on the old favorite of dip dying. Once you have your hard boiled eggs ready to go, dip them in the dye cup. Let sit for a bit, then slowly add water, allowing them to sit between layers. For full instructions, go here.

These marbled eggs from Leg Flower Tatto are awesome. I have never seen ones like this before, and think it is such a great sensory learning technique for toddlers.

Gold dipped eggs. I have a slight obsession with the pink and gold colors used here, which is probably why these eggs caught my eye, but I think it would be such a lovely project if you used wooden eggs. The kiddos could certainly help, and they are fresh and trendy for your Easter home decor. Found at Fabulous K.

Have an Easter Egg craft on your blog? Leave me a comment and I'll check it out!