DIY Where The Wild Things Are onesie #pregnancy #newborn #clothing

After going through all of Owen's baby clothes, one thing was certain: I barely kept any newborn or 0-3 month clothing! Now, this may be because he was gigantic and kind of skipped the newborn phase, but either way this little guy was in need of some clothes!

Having another summer baby is something I'm looking forward to. It means lots of onesies, light blankets, and bare feet. This time will be a little different, as I plan to wear this little guy a bunch {between golf school, blastball and Owen's other activities, as well as running a business and being busy...babywearing is where it's at!} but I still wanted to create some special newborn onesies for him.


NB Onesies
Decoart So Soft fabric paint (Bright Yellow, Green Apple, Dark Chocolate, White Pearl)
Americana Traditions brushes (

To start, I wanted to make a mustard yellow color for this project so I mixed Bright Yellow with about 8 drops of Green Apple, and 3 small drops of Dark Chocolate. Once fully mixed, I had the perfect mustard yellow to create my onesie.

I free handed this Where The Wild Things Are onesie, based off of Max's crown.

Once I had the outline, I filled it in with the remaining mustard paint, then added a bit of Bright Yellow on the right hand corner to highlight, along with a bit of White Pearl to accent it.

Let dry completely, then you have a new, custom onesie for your little one!

I loved doing this project so much that I created a second onesie for our little guy (see it on Instagram), and one for a friend who is expecting!