Building Your Juice #recipes #juicebuilder #juice

A couple of weeks ago, my friend and Beachbody Coach Paula asked me about the caloric intake of my juices. To be honest....I really didn't know how to answer! I know that my juices are healthy and full of amazing ingredients, but I wasn't sure about the caloric intake so I went off on a research mission.

I found, and their fantastic juice builder!

Here's the juice that I had two Saturday's ago...

And here's what's in it...(all plunked into the juice builder)

Now for the break down of nutrients, minerals, and calories

So for approximately 7 servings of fruit and vegetables, it is approximately 275calories, juiced. If you were to eat all of those ingredients as a solid, they would be roughly 456 calories.

I'm not exactly sure why, I'm assuming it has something to do with water content (the juice builder says that this recipe contains 535g of water alone), sugars and things of the like but certainly will be doing some further research on this aspect of juicing.

In terms of vitamin and mineral content, I found it really interesting that in just one juice, I was able to get 600% of my daily intake of Vitamin K, 195% copper, 307% vitamin C. Pretty amazing in just about 14oz of fresh juice.

If you're ever wondering about exactly what you are putting in your body, check out the juice builder on You may just find out that you're getting alot more awesome nutrients than you even thought!