Beets and Berries #raw #vegan #juice #recipe

While beets turn everything in their path red, they are super healthy for you and your growing baby. Full of fiber, they aid in digestion. Mix them with apples, baby spinach and strawberries and you have one sweet sweet yummy juice!

2 cups baby spinach
1/2 beet (peeled)
2 apples (cored)
handful of strawberries (rinsed)

With my juicer, I like to push through my greens first to make sure that they get completely juiced and I can get the most benefit from them. After my baby spinach, I pushed through my apples, strawberries and beet.

I thought that the red and green combo was absolutely beautiful. I am always fascinated by what comes out of the juicer and love the vibrant colors that each fruit or vegetable produces. Swirl it all together and you have something that looks like this!

As I said, this juice is full of fiber not only from the beet but from the apples as well. You'll also be getting iron, vitamin C, antioxidants, potassium, vitamin A and selenium!

Go on with your healthy self!