Accents for your Powder Room, #homedecor

Spring is one of those times where I start itching to redo little areas in our breathe new life into them, bring clarity and a bit of brightness into the various rooms that seem to go neglected. Right now I am really really wanting to redo our small powder room on the main level of our house.

Currently, the walls are a caramel brown, trim is white. Counter is dark and the cabinetry is dark. Fixtures are chrome. Transom get the idea.

Oh and no natural light. It's in the hallway off our main foyer, between the basement entry and our laundry/mud room and garage. Nothing to write home about, but something that gets used every single day and is just so...dark.

Accessories for a small space are so important. They can pump a room up or really leave it wanting more.

Here is my inspiration for the new accessories for our powder room.

Powder Room Accents

Since we will be painting the walls a light grey {all of the main rooms in our home eventually will be a light grey} I wanted to stick with some classic spa inspired colors for the accents. My favorite from the collection above is the Calm candle from H&M and the lace inspired white vase. The vase in particular has such texture and movement to it, while the message on the candle is just pure and simple.

Behind the toilet, I am thinking of adding shelving for things like extra towels, a tissue holder and possibly a plant of some sort.

What are the essential items to have in your powder room? Is there anything that I'm missing??