7month #Pregnancy Update

Well hello again, folks. One month closer...and actually only 9 weeks until I'm fullterm! uhm ya...that would be a single digit...and yes I'm freaking out!

Maternity Clothes: On days that I don't wear maternity pants, I feel it. My belly hurts and definitely needs the support, so I have a support band and and the whole thing. Some tank tops and shirts are still non-maternity, as are some dresses, but for the most part...all maternity clothes.

Stretch Marks: Well my belly is shooting right out from the front edge of my hips...but there aren't really any new stretch marks. I'm not super pumped to see what the aftermath is, but it's all for the greater good.

Weight: +10lbs overall!

Sleep: Up at least once a night to pee, but then multiple times to change positions. Nature of the beast at this point!

Best Pregnancy Moment: We went to Old Navy a couple of weeks ago since my belly has gotten pretty big, and the weather is nicer...and I don't have many spring or summer maternity clothes. I found a non-maternity dress that I liked, and chose a larger size than what I would usually wear. IT WAS TOO BIG! Holla! Size small it is!

Movement: So it's rare at this point that he STOPS moving. Seriously. It's all the freaking time, but it's pretty awesome. He moves the most when Owen is chattering away, or when Daddy has his hand on my belly.

Food Cravings: Fairly consistent with the strawberry craving right now. Sprinkle a little sugar on them, then pop them in the fridge for the sugar to dissolve. Mmmmm. Also, Starbucks Iced Mocha's. I don't typically drink coffee, but these are amazing....especially with an apple fritter. Mmmmmm

Gender: It's a BOY!! (read here)

Names: We were out for a date night a couple of weeks ago and I said his name for the first time out loud. It made us both smile really big...so we've 100% made the right choice.

Symptoms: Forgetfulness...holy moly! I put a pot of water on the stove to make soup the other day, totally forgot that it was there and then couldn't figure out what the burning smell was. Ack! Then, we were out for lunch with Owen on the weekend, and I was asking for dipping sauce for my....wait what are they called? I stared at the girl saying "you know...the things...those things...oh God..." Colin laughed and said "chicken fingers?" YES! Aside from that, I'm starting to feel sluggish. It was bound to happen at some point!

Exercise: Running has been really helping with the pelvic floor pain, which I am really thankful for since it means that I'll be able to continue for a little while still! Yahoo! At my OB appointment this week, I asked about shin splits and if I can continue to run for a few weeks. My doctor reassured me that the shin splints are because I'm little, but have a big beach ball on my front - so recommended taping prior to a race or long walk/run, and has advised that she would prefer that I do more walking than running. For events, I have instructions to carry water and something with sugar in it in case I feel dizzy.

What I Miss: Wine. Period. Life over. Wine.

What I'm looking Forward To: A weekend away with my girlfriends in a couple of weeks. We're doing a 5km run, but doing an overnighter Girls Weekend. I'm so looking forward to a relaxing weekend away! It will also be my last race before he gets here, so I am going to soak every single moment of it in.