29week Belly Comparison and Update #pregnancy

Good morning friends!

I've been feeling....stretched to the max lately in the belly area, so I thought that I would do a 29week comparison from my pregnancy with Owen, and this pregnancy.

I have found this pregnancy to be really fascinating. There are so many differences, most of which are for the better, and it all stems from being so much healither going into this pregnancy.

Last time, I was overweight, unhealthy, tired and didn't really care about my body. That led to a really difficult pregnancy; lots of morning sickness (I'm talking 5-8x/day, people! for 5 months!), back labour starting at 33weeks (3hrs every night until my water broke...42 days later!), and then a traumatic birth and postpartum period.

This time, things are just so incredibly different. My starting weight was 50lbs lighter than my starting weight with Owen, I had been running for 6 months prior to getting pregnant and have continued throughout my pregnancy, I started juicing at 20 weeks. Just so many differences, but my oh my, would you look at the difference in bellies?!

The physical changes are kind of crazy to me. Overall, I'm slimmer, but that's fairly obvious and comes with the weight loss, Insanity, and running routine that I've established over the past year. While I'm smaller, my belly is shooting out much further, and alot higher. My frame itself seemed to have changed when I did Insanity, so it stands to reason that the shape of my belly would be different.

Since this Little Guy is sitting up so much higher, I have shortness of breath alot of the time. He's also a pretty big dude, like his big brother was (8lbs1oz, 20.5" at birth), so he lies diagonally from what I can feel (feet in my ribs, head at my hip). With his feet in my ribs, he pushes and moves...and I get short of breath.

Only 8-11 weeks to go, and honestly...I'm starting to get really excited about meeting him. Sure, I'm nervous and scared about how and when things will happen, but I'm really excited to meet him.

I started my kick counts yesterday afternoon, and when I got to 10 in 2 minutes (it's suggested that you get to 10 within an hour...) I just laughed. He's a little ninja, just like his big brother!

Next week, we start biweekly appointments and I get the results from my  glucose screening.

Have a great week!