Wild Thing going home outfit #baby #pregnancy

Well friends, we have about 16/17 weeks to go until this little guy is here. I'm starting to panic a little bit, feel a little overwhelmed here and there, but generally speaking, I feel really good about the choices that we've made this far and some that are to come.

A couple of weeks ago, his going home outfit arrived.

Summer babies don't need a whole lot when they come home from the hospital, so I wanted to find a super cute onesie for this little guy and definitely found great options at Dan's Press. This one will certainly become a keeper once he outgrows it, and when I unwrapped it I had completely forgotten just how small newborn clothes are! Oh, the cuteness!

The metallic gold moccasins are from Hello Little Scout, and while they likely won't fit him right when he is born, they will be up on his dresser, adding a great shimmer and shine to his nursery.

I remember when we brought Owen home....no shoes, no blanket, just a onesie but one that was at least one full size too big, but a favorite nonetheless. It was incredibly hot the day that he came home. It has rained most of the day when I was in labor, so the humidity was high and given that this baby is due two weeks after his brother's birthday...heat and humidity are pretty much guaranteed.

16 or 17 weeks. Holy moly!