Upcycled Antique Toy Box #DIY #homedecor #playroom

This toy box has been in my family for as long as I can remember, and now...it seems a little dated. I wanted to be able to have somewhere that the boys will be able to put all of their toys, and use as a table top as well, but something that would be in a fun color and finish, and fit with our overall home decor.


Paint brush
Americana Home Chalky Finish Paint (I used Legacy)
Americana Home Creme Wax Finish
Large brush
Lint free brush
Americana Chalkboard Paint
Foam sandpaper block

First and foremost, let me tell you why I love the Chalky Finish paint. It goes on nice and smooth, and you don't need to sand your surface prior to painting. My kind of material!

Since our playroom will eventually have light grey walls, I want the accent colors to be bright and bold. Blue and red seem perfect for two little boys, so I painted just one coat of Legacy (blue). Tip: make sure you use a lint free brush or roller for the most even coverage.

While I was waiting for the Chalky Paint to dry, I applied my first coat of Chalkboard paint horizontally on the lid of the toybox. Note: I noticed that the image on the lid was still showing through after one coat, so I followed up with two more horizontal coats, then two more layers of vertical coats. 

Once completely dry, I used my foam sandpaper block to rub away some of the blue paint to let the red of the original toy box come through.

Then, finish with a the Creme Wax Finish with your large brush. Allow your first coat of wax to dry completely, then apply a second coat. As soon as the wax is dry to the touch, rub with a clean, lint free rag for a glossy finish.

Once finished with multiple coats of the Chalkboard Paint, follow these instructions to cure the surface!

Next, fill with toys and enjoy your new-to-you piece of functional furniture.

Americana Home Decor Chalky Finish Paint and Finishes are available at Home Depot.

Disclaimer: I am a part of the DecoArt Core Blogger Program, and was compensated for this post. The project concept and opinions expressed are my own.