The Hubs Turns 30, gift guide for Him

Turing 30 is kind of a big deal, right? Well, if my husband had his way, we wouldn't even be celebrating, but let's be serious here...who do you think makes the party decisions in our house? {bingo! Me!}

Part of the fun is choosing the perfect gift for the birthday boy. And when I say fun, I really mean months of agonizing over what would be good, what just won't work and then sometimes finding out that he already went out and bought it for himself. He's seriously difficult to buy for, so this year I've created a top 5 list of choices and hopefully one of them will be the right one!

Clockwise from top right...

A friend pinned this idea for 60 letters for a 60th birthday when she was planning her husband's party earlier this year and I thought it was really lovely. While I don't have 30 years of memories with my husband, this would be a great group project to involve his parents, brother, cousins, aunts and uncles, grandparents.

Cufflinks are my typical go-to gift for my husband, however now that he works for himself he rarely wears a french cuff. I'd love for him to get back to it, and these mother of pearl inlay wooden cufflinks are beautiful.

When I was looking at stocking stuffers last Christmas, I had the brilliant idea of getting him scotch accessories since that is his drink. I really love the idea of these stones by Polar Stones, though I think Hubs likes it when the ice melts and dilutes his scotch a little.

He is my only, and certainly my favorite. This card is intended to be a Valentine's Card, however I think it is cheeky and whimsical and perfect for a special birthday.

And lastly, a vintage .5L scotch decanter. I really love this one and all of the cut glass. Right now, Hubs just keeps his scotch in the original bottle in the cupboard, but I love the idea of having a bar cart or shelf, and having his scotch displayed in a decanter like this one.

Have you purchased a gift for a milestone birthday lately? Leave a comment with your ideas so I can check them out!