The Hubs Turns 30, #birthday #cake ideas for him

When it comes to the sweet tooth in the family, that one definitely I have covered. My husband doesn't really reach for desserts, so finding the perfect cake for him is going to be a challenge.

While I know that he would love these chocolate and banana cupcakes that I've made in the past...

I'm not sure that I want to spend all of that time creating cupcakes, frosting them all individually, then decorating them all as well. {sorry party peeps!}

Typically, I suggest that you contract out the cake. It's a big under taking, especially if you are hosting the party at your home, doing all of the appetizers, bar, invitations and decorations, but since this is a special birthday, I want to do something special for him.

I know the flavour will have to be red velvet, with the standard cream cheese frosting.

This recipe from Sugarhero is the one that I will be using. I don't want to break the mold when it comes to red velvet since it is a rather difficult cake to master, so this isn't the time to create my own recipe. I am thinking of making a few 6" stacked cakes, probably 5 layers or so, and topping them with fresh berries.

What is your go-to cake recipe?? If you have any red velvet tips to share, let me know!