The Hubs Turns 30, 30th #birthday ideas for him

So...I tabled the Grumpy Old Men party and he didn't like it. In fact, I think he may have been a little insulted by it. I've sat and pondered and I think I have come up with a plan.

He's a simple guy. He likes good scotch, his good friends and good food.

What easier way to celebrate him than with those exact things? I think the best party for him is to have over our good friends, have good food and drink, and keep it low key.

In terms of food, I'm thinking about doing an upscale appetizer bar, featuring these recipes

Proscuitto wrapped grilled asparagus from Master in Cooking 
Pesto roasted red pepper cream cheese crescents from Two Peas & Their Pod 
Thai turkey meatballs with peanut sauce from The Dish @ Plated 

And I cannot forget about this amazing recipe from Steph at A Grande Life.
While Hubs loves good food, he's a bit of a health nut, so when I found these recipes that are both upscale and healthy, I was really happy. They will be perfect and certainly the stars of our upscale appetizer bar.
The bar will be pregatini's for me, and good scotch for the boys.

Easy peasy.

Tomorrow...the cake!