Second Trimester Pregnancy Essentials #pregnancy #winter

Time to recap my favorite things to have during the second trimester of pregnancy, particularly ones that will be useful if you are pregnant in the winter!

#1 - yes, Tums are still on the list. Every now and then, my belly feels tight and they're the only things that help with indigestion and nausea.

#2 Garnier Fructis Damage Eraser, particularly the hair butter. I tried this as a part of the Influenster program, and am hooked. I was having huge issues with dry scalp, damaged hair, and hair loss during the first trimester and my stylist asked if I was conditioning. I was not. Then I tried this and all was right in my hair care world.

#3 Kettlebell, or any at home workout. Obviously staying active and fit during my pregnancy has been important, but my kettlebell has also helped with relieving boredom during these long winter months.

#4 Juice.All.The.Things. I started juicing in February right when we came home from florida, and it has been an awesome experience. I actually crave fruit over things like cheesecake, which is super weird, but totally awesome.

#5 My Thyme Maternity skinny jeans have gotten me through this winter, without them, my bottom would be very cold!

#6 Liz Lange for Target cable knit sweaters. I have one in cobalt, and another in charcoal. They hug every curve of my bump, and are warm.

#7 Jergens Ultra Heeling lotion. Really...anything that is a thick lotion meant for deep heeling and relief will be good for your skin. After a shower, I lotion up my arms, chest, and my belly - all areas that have been super dry and flaky over the winter.

Now that winter is almost over, I'm sure that my list of pregnancy essentials will change. Bring on the maxi skirts and sandals!