Juicing and #Pregnancy #fitmama

So, I'm now a full month into juicing during my pregnancy and I have to say, I really enjoy it. Everything from prepping my fruits and veggies, to testing out new combinations, to cleaning my juicer afterward. Every step of the process I find to be almost an exercise in being mindful. I am completely present for the whole process and I love that it is how I start my day.

What have I learned through this process? Well, a few things.

Green juices aren't scary; they're actually pretty yummy if you make them right!
Celery in a juice is disgusting
The more varieties I can pack into a juice the better
Lemon or apple can fix almost any nasty taste
Vitamin C helps with the absorption of iron {which is super important from 20wks+ during pregnancy!}
Now that I'm getting loads of fruits and veggies, I CRAVE them!
I would so much rather spend money on fresh produce than on overprocessed junk
When in doubt, ask The Blender Girl!

I have loads of recipes that will be posting throughout the next few months, and definitely will keep juicing on a daily basis for the rest of my pregnancy {at the very least}. Once baby is here...oh gosh...who knows! It doesn't take a tonne of time to prep, juice and clean up, but with a preschooler and baby in tow? Oh gosh!

Fingers crossed though, because I have really loved this journey and it certainly has given me the healthiest pregnancy I could have asked for. It's also really awesome to know that I am giving my baby such fantastic nutrients on a daily basis!