G2G Jewelry, new designs on SALE! #sale #jewelry

Some of you may remember a particular hammered aluminum cuff that makes me feel like super woman. Well it was created by Ron Ostlund Jr., the artist behind G2G Jewelry, and he has some really exciting new work coming out that he is offering for a one time sale price before it hits the shelves at high end boutiques!

$45 shipping incl. (each)

Rivets and mixed metals - really amazing work is coming out of his shop and I am so excited to feature it here. The necklaces above are being offered right now for $45, shipping within Canada and USA included!

$35 shipping incl. (each)

$25 shipping incl. (each)
Interested in snagging one of Ron's new designs before they hit the stores? Order now!! He's only taking limited orders these items, so get them now!!