DIY Custom Lamp Project #baby #nursery #DIY

My first DIY project for the nursery, I knew, was going to be the lamp for the top of the dresser. I found one on Polyvore that I loved, but it also retailed at $110 and...well...that just was not going to happen!

So to get my lovely green lamp, I knew a DIY would be in order.


White lamp (I found this one at Walmart, by Mainstays, for $10)
Paint brush
Americana Multi Surface Satin in Green Beret and Leprechan (optional: Vanilla Shake)

First, take the lamp shade off your lamp and set it aside. Next, wipe your lamp base clean.

For the specific shade of green that I was looking for, I mixed my Green Beret and Leprechan paints 6:1. It created the perfect mossy dark grass green that I was looking for.

Apply your first coat of paint, and allow to dry; I like to let my Multi Surface Satin projects dry for an hour between coats. While your paint is drying, cover your paint cup with plastic wrap to make sure that you will have enough paint for your second coat, and any touch ups.

Once your first coat is dry, apply a second and allow it to dry for another hour.

Touch up any areas that may have dried too transparent for your liking, and allow to dry completely.

Put the lamp shade back on, add a very soft low wattage light bulb, and place in your nursery!