Dining Room Makeover Plans, #homedecor

This year, I am determined to get our dining room looking beautiful.

Currently, we have rust/chocolate/taupe plaid shimmery curtains left over from the previous owners. The wall colour is the same yellowy taupe that we have throughout the entire house, and I've been talking to my husband about bringing the same grey tones that we used for our bedrooms into the main level of the house, just leaving the hallways and foyer taupe. {thankfully, he agrees it's ugly!}

We also have a beautiful dining set from my husband's parents, however the fabric covering the seats just isn't our style.

Time for an update!

Dining Room

Since the walls will eventually be a light white grey, I think bringing grey tones into the linens will be great. Keep it simple and light, then add punches of colour with cushions and interesting textures and patterns.

Instead of going with a trendy pattern like herringbone or quatrefoil, I'm going to take it back to the basics and do something simple like a greek key or diamond pattern.

The table is a dark walnut colour with some black flecks in it, so I am going to have my super talented friend Paige refinish the chairs in black, then recover the seats with new fabric.

The curtains....I really don't know what to do here, but I'm inspired by the red pillow above. I think this will be the perfect place to bring in a colour punch!

For the centrepiece, as much as I dislike faux flowers, I am going to invest in some really beautiful ones and have them in a low silver bowl. I can't wait to see how it all comes together!