Choosing Art for your Dining Room, #homedecor

When it comes to choosing a piece of art for your dining room, my usual rules still apply.

Odd numbered groupings off the most visually balanced composition
Choose pieces that speak to you and tell a story

Currently, we have a couple of framed photos from our honeymoon to Malta, Greece, Spain and Istanbul. 
Check out the plaid curtains...yikes!

We also have this painting, which I love but is looking a little tired because of the current wall color. Everything just blends together and there's no real pop.

Since this piece needed to be removed from the babe's nursery, I thought it would be perfect in the dining room. It's a large piece, about half the size of a standard sheet of plywood, and is painted with the same light greys that will eventually be on our dining room walls. The fresh pop of green is a great accent color for all seasons, and will go well with the silver steel and white accents on the table.

So that piece on the largest wall, and then I'm thinking we will leave the two framed pieces from our honeymoon photography, and then instead of the mustard painting do some sort of installation...perhaps of white tube sculpture!