Boho Chic fashion for Spring 2014, #ootd

I have a profound love for gladiator sandals, and a new love for metallic accents. I was always the I never wear gold girl until recently when I realized that gold doesn't have to mean garish. It can mean soft, like rose gold, or old like antiqued.

Then I found other metallics like bronze and copper, and well...the rest is history!

Spring Fashion 2014

There is so much to love about this outfit, even though it's a little more Summer than Spring.

The first item I selected were the bronze shorts from Fashion Union ($16...hello!). The texture is amazing and will distract the eye if you have any issues with showing your legs.

I paired it with a simple black top, something slightly flowy since the shorts are such a stand out piece, then moved right onto accessories.

Cobalt. Blue. Gladiator. Sandals. I absolutely adore these and they are the perfect pop of color to balance out the neutral top and shorts.

For accessories, layered tribal necklaces with turquoise stones and stacked gold and aqua bracelets complete the look. Pops of color all within one color family, then the neutrals. Balance upon balance.