A Bone To Pick With You #coaching

I saw this quote on Pinterest in January and knew that it would be a great topic for a coaching post.

It struck my core and made me consider how I use these bones in my body in my every day life, in my business and here on the blog.

Wishbone...oh I'm certainly a dreamer. I set my sights high and try my darndest to reach them. If you cant wish and have hope, what is the point?

Backbone...you have to stand up for yourself. This is something that I try to instill in my coaching clients from day one. Noone else is going to do it for you, and there will always be someone out there who is going to hurt you, disappoint you, or use you. Stand up for yourself and use that backbone!

Funny bone...if you can't laugh at yourself and the silly things that happen, then you're going to be in big trouble. Find the funny things, and don't sweat the small stuff (as my Mom and Dad would say).

So what bones do you have? Which ones aren't you using?