6month #Pregnancy Update

Another month in the books, and another month closer to welcoming this boy into the world!

Maternity Clothes: Pretty exclusively, but there are a few non-maternity things that I can still wear (only tops). I am pretty much living in sports bras these days though!

Stretch Marks: Those lovely white lines I earned while I was pregnant with Owen are so.stretched.out. Holy moly! My fave remedy right now is Jergens Ultra Healing lotion after a shower.

Weight: +5lbs from my February appointment, which puts me at +8lbs overall. My dr's are really  happy with that, and considering that baby is about the size of a cantaloupe...all of that weight is baby/fluid/placenta!

Sleep: Up a few times a night to change positions or to go pee. The pillow between my knees has helped with back pain and hip pain, so that's good! Now it's just the "oh crap, I gotta pee!" feeling...usually at 2am and 5am. Also, this is strangely when he starts to kick like a ninja.

Best Pregnancy Moment: The best news that we got was this morning when my doctor told us that the Plexus Cyst that was found (a marker for trisomy 18) at the February ultrasound has dissolved. My heart is SO happy and thankful!

Movement: I'm definitely getting to know his sleep/wake patterns. Every 4 hours, there's a stretch then he starts ninja practice. His most active times are 7:50am, 10:00pm, 2:00am and 5:00am.

Food Cravings: Totally random things like rootbeer floats, chocolate cake (which I just HAD to make...and then had one slice...and would be fine to throw the rest out), Cadbury creme eggs. Seriously random, but mostly sweet stuff, and once I've had it, I don't want it again!

Gender: It's a BOY!! (read here)

Names: Keeping this secret is getting increasingly difficult. There are so many times that we will be talking about him at home and I almost let his name slip...in front of Owen...which will lead to everyone and their brother finding out the name!

Symptoms: My feet are getting a wee bit puffy from time to time, particularly if I've been on my feet working on projects, or sitting and working on editorials all day. Elevating, water and massage have helped tremendously.

Exercise: SO looking forward to warmer temps nearing the end of this week so I can get back to running. Still doing kettlebells now and then, but really only once or twice a week.

What I Miss: Patience. I'm not sure where mine has gone...

What I'm looking Forward To: Working with our amazing Doula Jena on our birth plan!