23 Week and Ultrasound Comparison #pregnancy

So we just got home from our morphological reassessment for Little Bear's heart outflow, and aside from being a little wiggle worm who crosses his legs when he's still {which isn't often!}, I was blown away at just how different he looks from his Big Brother!

Owen (l), Little Bear (r)
 This little love has a much rounder head, and much more pronounced button nose. I have a funny feeling he's going to look more like Mama than his big brother does!! {fingers are still crossed for curly hair}

In terms of my bump...

Owen (l), Little Bear (r)
 Certainly much bigger on my third pregnancy, albeit a much fitter bump.

We will get the results of the ultrasound next week at my OB appointment, but I thought the side by sides were interesting and that I'd share!

Happy Monday!