We're halfway there! #pregnancy

Welcome to halfway friends!! We're so happy to be here!

Maternity Clothes: For the most part. There are still a few non maternity items that I'm wearing, like sweaters and tunics that I bought at the beginning of my pregnancy, but for the most part....give me a full panel pair of pants and I'm your best friend.

Stretch Marks: Over the past week the old silver ones have gotten a pink undertone. My belly as certainly shot right out front this past week...

Weight: +4lbs from the last appointment! This is good, and weird all at the same time. In total, I have gained 3lbs, so this belly...it's ALL baby!

Left: 19 weeks, Right: 20 weeks (top: Liz Lange Maternity, bottoms: Thyme Maternity)

Sleep: Like a rock...apparently Owen wet the bed at 1:30am last night...I knew nothing of it until the morning!

Best Pregnancy Moment: Right now there are a few....SEEING movement from the outside, and finding out the Gender (read here)

Movement: First thing in the morning, then again late at night at bedtime...and sometimes at 4am or 5am. He's pretty darn predictable.

Food Cravings: Still just the random if-i-see-it-i-want-it type cravings. Juicing has been helping a tonne to keep the nasty cravings away, but every now and then it will be a sprinkle donut from Tim's

Gender: It's a BOY!! (read here)

Names: Oh does he ever have a name, and it's beautiful! You still have 20 weeks until you get to find out, though!

Symptoms: Well, my belly has been stretching alot so it's pretty sore, but aside from that and a little fatigue, I'm feeling pretty good.

Exercise: I haven't run since Jan 15th, and now that I'm back up North...bahahahaha! There will be no running until Spring. That said, I did just invest in a Kettlebell and will be starting a kettlebell full body routine this week!

What I Miss: Remembering why I went into a room the first time

What I'm looking Forward To: Well, we have to have another ultrasound as this little dude is wiggly like his big Brother, and we didn't get a good shot of his heart on the last anatomy scan. So, definitely looking forward to seeing him again.