Strawberry Apple Zinger #juice #recipe

Another day, another juice! I am really digging this whole juicing thing, and it is such a great way to start my day. Today's juice recipe was super tangy, but produced a full 8oz and was delicious!

2 apples
handful of strawberries
1 lime

At first, I wasn't sure that 1 lime would be enough, but trust is! Core your apples and cut to fit through the shoot of your juicer. I alternated apple halves with strawberries, then the lime, and another apple half.

To prep your lime, peel the rind but try and keep as much of the white pith on it. The best way I found to do this was to slice away the green rind with a sharp knife.

Pour into a glass and enjoy!

Be prepared for a little pucker to your morning! This juice is definitely tangy, but it's super yummy and a great way to get some vitamins into your day!

Recipe is packed with...

Vitamin C