Planning a 30th Birthday Party for a Man

I have to say, when I party plan I tend to go all out. Alot of women do. But when it comes to planning for milestones for my husband...I get a little stumped!

In April, mine will be turning 30. He's said that he doesn't want a party. He's said that just a few friends will go to Vegas. But really...what fun is that?

Possible themes

My first thought was to get a bus, a group of friends and family and head to the Rogers Centre to a box to watch the Blue Jays home opener. He definitely would like that, but when I tabled the idea he was pretty hesitant.

Then when he mentioned Vegas, I thought maybe we could centre the theme around that. We've done that before for a friend - rented the blackjack tables and the whole deal and I even made a cake that looked like stacked poker chips.

We are pretty big Mad Men fans and Hubs is into drinking scotch {good, expensive scotch...yikes!} so maybe that could be the theme??

I'm sort of stuck on this, so whatever 30th party inspiration you can send my way...please do!