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Definitely one of my favorite juice recipes so far...tart and tangy, yet sweet and has a great aftertaste. The ingredients blended really well together and it is super packed with fiber, vitamin A and C, calcium, antioxidants, and potassium!

2 apples
1/2 lemon (yellow peel removed, white pith left on as much as possible)
1/4 beet (peeled)
3 large strawberries, tops removed
Handful of beet greens

This recipe has a bit more prep involved than my other juice recipes so far, but it is totally worth it. Start by coring your apples, slice them in half to fit into your juicer, then set aside. Next, peel your lemon, leaving on as much as the white pith as possible, then cut in half. Wrap one half in cello and put in the fridge for another juice.

Next, cut off the tops of your strawberries {not sure this is necessary, but it's what I do}.

Finally, wash your beet REALLY well. I found that mine were super dirty and I did not want that grit and grossness in my juice. Wash the greens really well and tear off a handful. Cut and peel a 1/4 of your beet, and your produce is all prepped.

I started with my beet greens to make sure that they would all get pressed through the juicer. Pack them in, run them through and then follow up with the rest of your produce. Swirl, and enjoy!