My #Juice is Green!! #recipe #juicing #green

So my juicing experience yesterday was one that I knew was coming, but I hadn't prepared myself for.

My juice turned green.

I knew it was going to happen, and was sort of interested to find out just what juicing baby spinach would be like, but when I started putting it through the juicer...I started freaking out.

I had to drink that?! And drink it, I did! I was really pleasantly surprised at the smooth texture and the sweetness of the juice. I didn't feel like I was drinking a garden at all, though the ingredients reminded me of Peter

2 apples
2 cups baby carrots
2 cups baby spinach

After reading the prep tips on Joe Cross' website, I started with my spinach to make sure that everything would get pushed through the juicer. Then half of an apple, a handful of carrots..repeat repeat repeat until everything was pushed through, ending with an apple half.

Swirl to blend, then down the hatch!

This super incredibly healthy juice recipe is packed full of Vitamin A, Fiber, Iron and Beta Carotene - all awesome nutrients for a healthy pregnancy and healthy mama! And aside from coring your apples, there is very little prep with this recipe!