Gender Reveal Ideas Roundup

Well you read this, we are en route to the xray tech for our anatomy scan.

As you read this, I am a bundle of nerves...drinking water and jumping out of my skin.

I thought today would be a perfect day to roundup some of my favourite cute and creative gender reveals, two by me and two found on the glorious pages of Pinterest.

The artist in me absolutely LOVED the idea of having Daddy splatter Mama with the appropriate paint color. I've done this before for a photo shoot, and it was alot of fun! What a great idea, especially if you have toddlers that can get involved with making the mess! source

Cotton Candy. So whimsical and sugary sweet. Child like in absolutely every way and so nostalgic. Personally....a favorite treat of mine when we go to the fair or carnival. Such a lovely idea for a spring gender reveal party, and again something that will delight the little ones. source can absolutely never go wrong with glitter. You can hold it, throw it, draw a picture in it. It's beautiful and unexpected. Celebratory in every way!

These sugar baby booties were created by a friend of mine, Christine from Whimsical Bakery, and were on a cake at one of my baby showers. I still have them, tucked away in a box to give to Owen when he is older, and I think they are just the sweetest. Hold them against your bump, put them on the dresser for your little babe, or balance them on the crib.

Stay tuned!! We should have the big news by Friday and will reveal as soon as possible!