Top Picks for Winter Accessories 2014

What is a season without a collection of awesome accessories?

Winter Accessories 2013

I love this little collection SO HARD. The whimsical mittens remind me of my bff, Heather. She always has cute mittens and these ones were too awesome not to include in this Winter Accessories collection.

Every winter calls for a great hat; well at least every Canadian  winter. In a rich kelly green hue, this one is perfect.

Arm warmers and boot cuffs were items that I never considered before, but at taking centre stage as trendy accessories. These fun SNOW arm warmers are sure to keep your arms warm under a light winter coat, and your hands covered when it's cold but not too cold outside.

A great scarf is also a necessity for winter, and having one in a simple white will make it a staple in your wardrobe.

Along the animal theme, I found this super adorable bunny hair pin. And, this minty nail polish is a great compliment and pop of color for winter.

I am an absolute sucker for a pair of soft knitted boot slippers. I have a pair that are currently falling apart, and they keep me warm and cozy all winter long. These ones would be a great replacement for my current pair!

What are your favorite winter accessories?