Organization 101

Last year brought us a New Year New Home. We focused on each room, fun products and features, and created some awesome DIY projects along the way.

So, what's in store for this year??

Organization, people. Organization.

Each month will feature a new printable that you can click and save, print at home and use for your own home organization. Everything from emergency contact lists to gift checklists to camp planners for the summer! Get ready to get organized!

This month, it's all about getting the little ones to help out around the house. A chore chart, my friends!

Gentle ways for toddlers to help, express themselves and earn stamps for rewards or certain items that they might really really want.

Download here for free!

Tip: Give stamps sparingly! Offer other treats and rewards so that it takes a little longer for them to work toward the big items!

Coming next month is an emergency contact number printable - something that should be on every fridge for every babysitter!