Nighty Night Owl by CloubB #babygear

Ever wonder how we got our son to sleep 7pm-9am? Two words; Sleep Sheep. We've used the CloudB Sleep Sheep since he was born, along with a solid bed time routine, and its worked like a charm. Even now, he's 3.5years old and we still use his Sheep every night on the Ocean sound. If he ever has a nightmare, we flick it on and it lulls him back to sleep.

CloudB has a new sound machine snuggly on the market, called the Nighty Night Owl, so when I found out that we were expecting, I knew that it would be the perfect first gift for our baby.

Affectionately known as Mr. Owl in our house, this super soft lovie is quickly becoming a favourite. It has great new features, that I only wish we had four years ago when Owen was a wee babe. The new white noise machines from CloubB all have the soothing sounds that you know and love; heartbeat, rain, ocean and whales, and now feature a Smart Sensor, which you can set to low or high sensitivity. If babe stirs in the middle of the night, on goes your Nighty Night Owl, saving you a few winks and alot of stress.

One feature that we have grown to love is the 23 or 45 minute timer. This saves you from having to run back in, turn the Nighty Night Owl on when your baby hasn't quite settled into sleep yet, and rinse repeat a few minutes later. It also saves you from having to waste the battery by having it on all night. We always keep ours on the 45 minute timer.

And as always, the Nighty Night Owl comes with a story about how the Owl came to be, which is a nice little keepsake.

Sidenote: My son got really sick overnight on the weekend, and the only thing that he wanted after we cleaned him up and got him back to bed what the baby's Owl. That was the night that he named him Mr. Owl and the only thing that calmed him down enough to get settled back to sleep. I am so so so thankful for the Nighty Night Owl!

Watch for Mr. Owl in upcoming posts about the nursery, and life with a newborn this summer!

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post. I was provided the Night Night Owl by Cloud B for the purposes of this review. All opinions expressed are my own.