Maternity Style - ruched stripe dress by Jules et Jim Maternite

A few months ago, I found this beautiful company based out of Quebec, Canada called Jules et Jim Maternite. Founded by two husbands who loved to see their pregnant wives look stylish, trendy and beautiful. Jules liked his wife to be sexy, while Jim preferred a more refined look. A maternity fashion house was born, and it beautiful!

Last week, I spoke at the Women in Business Conference about style and confidence, specifically how to update your existing wardrobe, be trendy and enter a room with confidence. I was so excited to wear my new Jules et Jim Maternite striped dress, and knew that it would be perfect paired with grey leggings and black boots.

The minute that I slipped into it, I felt amazing. It hugged every single curve, made my belly look amazing, and felt incredibly comfortable. And thankfully, since it was super cold the day of the conference, it was lined.

When I stepped on the stage, I most certainly felt confident. This dress just fit so well that there was no way I was going to not feel amazing in it.

It's true what they say, that when you love what you are wearing you naturally have more confidence in yourself and that exudes to everyone that you meet. Every piece that I have seen in the Jules et Jim Maternite collection, both Spring and Winter, are pieces that will make your feel extraordinary. Their fabrics are stretchy and flatting. The color selections are trendy and current. The patterns are luxurious and the detailing sublime.

If you're looking to update your maternity wardrobe, to hug your curves and make you feel truly exceptional, take a look at Jules et Jim Maternite. They will make you and your baby bump look like the amazing hot mama you are!

Disclaimer: I was sent this gorgeous dress from Jules et Jim Maternite for the purposes of this review. All opinions expressed are my own.