Granting Wishes at Sea, Make a Wish Foundation and Royal Caribbean

When we went on our Babymoon at the beginning on January to the Bahamas, I was really happy to see that there was a running track, and even happier to find that there was a charity walk scheduled for the morning of Day one.

For just a $10 donation, you were registered for the Walk. I chose to ran it, and did a full 2miles on the boat.

The windy boat.

But the view was pretty spectacular

And the accomplishment was pretty awesome as well.


The wind on the boat gave me a bit of a burn on my face, but I was all smiles (and dripping sweat) when I got back to our stateroom. I trimmed 2 minutes off my pace, likely due to the force of the wind on the boat, but 2 minutes is 2 minutes. I know I've said that pregnancy isn't the time to push your pace or train for something bigger than what you have accomplished already, but a little speed training here and there isn't a bad thing {just watch your heart rate and your body temp!}.

The running track on the boat left a little to be desired, to be honest. I was disappointed with how many people were leisurely strolling and wouldn't move out of the way for a runner. It's a running track people...please keep in mind that a runner build momentum and to have to slow, or holler at you to move out of the way can lead to injury! I had to yell on your left! to a group of guys, and when they didn't move had to leap over a lounge chair, which I didn't do very gracefully and almost tripped! If you're ever on a cruise and you see a runner, please please please just move a step or two to the side to allow them to pass safely!

Running on a windy ship was definitely fun, and it was certainly a challenge. I am happy with the results, the accomplishment and the fact that my run made a difference!